Meet the Space crew

Libby Jackson, Flight director

Libby talks about working with astronauts every day, keeping them safe and making sure the ISS crew get their work done! 

Sheila Kanani, Space scientist

Sheila talks about how the research and creativity of space scientists helps make space exploration possible. 

Gillian Wright, Space scientist

Gillian talks about leading a team to build a scientific instrument on the James Webb Space Telescope. 

Stefanie Kohl, Space engineer

As a space engineer working with satellites Stefanie is involved in every aspect of building space craft. 

Jon Sykes, Space engineer

Jon talks about becoming a space engineer, designing and building scientific instruments for space missions. 

Helen Sharman, Astronaut

How Helen went from being a scientist working with a sweets company to an astronaut mission on a space station. 

Volker Damann, Flight surgeon

Volker talks about how flight surgeons make sure astronauts are fit for and during their missions in space. 

Laura André-Boyet, Astronaut trainer

Laura talks about training astronauts to get ready for missions and teaching them how to perform experiments in space.