Resources for science centres and schools

Destination Space Handbook

Our handbooks for science centres and schools provide guidance and scripts for space science workshops and shows. 


Browse Destination Space images suitable for science centre media and classroom materials. 

Media toolkit

Images and materials available for media publications regarding Destination Space. 

Meet the Space crew

What is it like to work in human space exploration? Interviews with people who make it happen – from astronauts to space engineers and more! 

Mission modules

Make a space suit and launch a rocket! Discover the exciting science behind space exploration with experiments you can do at home or in the classroom. 

Schools toolkit

Guides and resources for space science activities you can do with pupils in the classroom. 

Science centre toolkit

Destination Space apps, tools and risk assessment documents for science centres. 


Interviews and clips showing life and work as an astronaut, conducting experiments aboard the International Space Station.