Where will UK Spaceports be?

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Several locations in the UK are developing their spaceport ambition including:

  • Campbeltown Airport, Scotland 
  • Glasgow Prestwick Airport, Scotland 
  • Snowdonia (Llanbedr Airport), Wales 
  • Cornwall Airport Newquay, England 
  • Shetland, Scotland 
  • Sutherland, Scotland
  • Western Isles, Scotland 

Plans are now underway to develop a vertical launch sites in Sutherland, Western Isles and Shetlands.

Horizontal launch sites are proposed at Cornwall, Snowdonia, Prestwick and Campbeltown.

This first set of sites all intend to support the UK’s developing small satellite launch operations, and horizontal launch sites could be used for suborbital passenger spaceflight in the future.

The spaceports have announced plans to work with various launch companies such as Orbex, Lockheed Martin and Virgin Orbit. Several companies, working with their partners and the UK government, hope to be the first to launch a UK rocket from a UK spaceport, with proposed spaceports with ambitions to be operational by the early 2020s