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What is Destination Space?

Celebrating Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station, Destination Space is an exciting and hands-on season of astronauts and adventure for families and schools. It will be coming to a science centre near you from October 2015, with schools workshops starting when Tim is in space in January 2016.

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View of the International Space Station and planet earth from space.

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Learn all about the International Space Station and track its location in space so you can spot it from earth.

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30 June - 14 August 2016

Destination Space: Green Screen

Hosted by: Dynamic Earth Edinburgh

Get the chance to dress up as an astronaut and get your picture taken with Tim Peake on board the International Space Station or even on top of the Earth. Make sure you bring your best astronaut smile with you.


21 April - 25 August 2016

Destination Space - Join the Crew!

Hosted by: W5 Belfast
Backed by the UK Space Agency, W5 have joined forces with the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut, Tim Peake, to provide visitors with a unique opportunity to learn about human space flight and follow life on the International Space Station!Space exploration requires a whole field of experts including scientists, trainers, engineers and astronauts. This live show ‘recruits’ and ‘trains’ the next generation of space explorers. Packed with experiments, investigations and problem-solving activities linked back to human space flight young crew members will leave inspired!

Visitors can expect to learn about roles in space crew, rocket launches, daily life for astronauts on the International Space Station, resistance training, disorientation training, use of robotics and problem solving with simulation mission activities.

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