Mission modules

Build your own mini craft

Learn how Newton's Second Law of Motion and the science behind hovercrafts helps us get astronauts into space. 

Learn about the pressure of space

Explore the science of vacuums in space and atmospheric pressure with a magical marshmallow experiment. 

Spot astronauts in space

Learn all about the International Space Station and track its location in space so you can spot it from earth. 

Build your own rocket for lift-off

Discover the science behind rocket launches and the challenges of getting astronauts into space safely. 

Make a space lava lamp

Create your own Destination Space lava lamp and learn about how liquids behave in space. 

Learn about astronaut toilet training

Discover how astronauts live and work in microgravity and find out why need space toilet training! 

Experiment with surface tension

Learn about the unusual behaviour of liquid in orbit and how surface tension is effected in space. 

Get to grips with space disorientation

Discover the disorientating effects of weightlessness in space and experience similar side effects in an experimental game. 

Make an astronaut sleep pod

Learn how astronauts sleep in microgravity on the International Space Station and create your perfect space sleeping pod. 

Make your own space suit

Learn the science behind space suits, why astronaut's need more than one type, then design and make your own. 

Create a space view gallery

See how astronaut's view the earth from space by completing perspective changing photographic assignments.